Corporate Wellbeing

Stress, anxiety, burnout, depression are just a few of the issues costly, not only to the individual but to businesses and can be disruptive to all involved.


The cost of absenteeism, or from an employee’s limited capacity for work impacts on their productivity can be substantial.


Other costs can arise from lack of continuity, low morale and increased pressures on those who have to take on the extra work load. 

Employers and Employees

Even if employees are relatively free from symptoms, good employers understand that prevention is better than a cure and that a happy workforce is a productive one.


As employers you will want to optimise your workforce's performance, boost productivity, and support employees to manage their work efficiently. Build capacity and create a happy workforce.


I can offer three main pathways for corporate wellbeing:

 Assessment, Report and Advice in needs of individuals and teams.  

 Corporate psycho therapeutic care for teams and individuals

Corporate coaching for individuals and teams


Assessments can be conducted in two ways:

Either on site, team or individual

Or at my practice, based in Clitheroe Lancashire, team or individual.


Followed up with recommendations with personal confidentiality taken into consideration

 Service to treat staff onsite can be of great benefit.  They are:

 Easier to fit around work commitments.

 Reduction in lost working hours. 

 Potential for earlier return to work

 Improved staff morale

 Employer recognition as an investor in their workforce.

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