Have you ever eaten your lunch and suddenly realised that you had eaten it all and not even noticed yourself doing it? Yes?  Most people have.  This is the opposite of mindfulness.

Its so easy to lose awareness of the present moment especially with your busy life when you alway seem to have to be thinking one step ahead.  We are all, so often, not present in our own life.  Cosequently, we are not able to hear what our bodies have to tell us and because of this, we miss important messages about our wellbeing.  We allow negative thinking to invade our minds without any assessment of the truth of the thoughts.

Mindfulness is a useful way to help you to undo this kind of behaviour.  It helps you to be able to see what is actually happening at a given time.  It allows you time to take an realistic view of what is happening rather than just jumping to automatic reactions, thoughts and feelings.  It offers a scientifically proven way of finding clarity and insight into your life and it allows you to be present in your life.


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